Parents Workshops

Please click on the links below for information from our parents workshops:


Maths Calculation Policy


Early Years Phonics (Mars Class parents)

Phonics workshop slides


Numicon Maths (Mars & Saturn Class parents)

Numicon workshop slides

Adding 10

Bowling subtraction game

Estimation jars

Finding 1 more

How many game

Nice and Nasty game

Odd and even

Place value cards

Progression of addition skills KS1

Progression of multiplication skills KS1

Quack attack shake and spill

Writing dice additions

Writing dice subtraction


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (Sun & Jupiter Class parents)

KS2 SPaG Workshop Slides


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (Saturn Class parents)

KS1 SPaG workshop slides

KS1 SPaG Glossary for Parents